Monday, March 9, 2009


Of the spring variety, that is. Everyone and everything is feeling the change in weather and season: grass is greening, the trees are budding, the bluebirds and robins have returned, and the horses are going mad with ecstasy out in the pasture ("It's windy! It's rainy! It's warm! Runawayrunawayrunaway!"). It's hard to watch them without having your spirits lifted and feeling the urge to take off after them. Until the mud bogs you down and splatters everywhere, that is.

Brandy was particularly exuberant, as you can see. Crazy girl spent the morning staring at the Invisible Demons that only she can see, then running and bucking trying to antagonize the whole herd. A healthy horse in motion is really something to behold, though. Perfection in physics, chemistry, and biology, then the divine spark of creation, the spirit of life, the pride of ownership and the art of shaping it into what it is. Truly inspiring.

A couple of southbound geese flew overhead as I was riding this evening. I heard their honking in the distance (Why do they squawk constantly? What purpose does it serve?) long before I saw them. I reined in my horse and craned my neck around as they passed by, close enough for me to hear the beating of their wings and note the notched feathers of the leader.
The vet came out this to discuss Rebel’s navicular X-rays and Shorty’s cancer’s progression. I’m grateful that she’s our neighbor and that she treats us so well. She’s willing to come out on a moment’s notice, and quite frankly I think she undercharges for her service. I’m going to have to make her a headstall as a token of thanks.

All things considered, I think those horses have it figured out. Participate and enjoy life as fully as you can. Live in the moment—no regrets. And if the weather’s nice, then by all means kick up your heels!

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